"St. Lucia is Undeniable Paradise"

Beautiful Beaches

Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world – Belle Kaye in St. Lucia. Relax on gorgeous white sand beaches, explore a cultural hub of art and entertainment, or check out the many famous landmarks and explore!

History & Landscape

St. Lucia has a history and landscape worth indulging in. check out the many famous landmarks and explore. Offering ancient ruins at the Historical Sugar Mill, to Hiking through the lush landscape and experiencing St. Lucia like a local.

Outdoor Activities

The beauty of Saint Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for adventure: mountains to climb, forests to explore, an underwater world to discover.  In recent decades, the famous have returned here to find solace in this enchanted place.

For eons Saint Lucia has been the place where the famous come to play – now it’s your turn.


Choose from a wide variety of shops including Colombian Emeralds and Harry Edwards for fine jewelry, Clear Blue for silver jewelry and local art pottery by a renowned St. Lucian artist. There are twenty eight other stores offering fine merchandise from which to choose. Browse the craft market where you can shop for local crafts made exclusively in St. Lucia.

Dining & Cuisine

Having achieved regional and international acclaim and each restaurant meticulously crafting its individuality around exotic tropical charm and excellent cuisine, dining in Saint Lucia can be a celebrated exploration, from sizzling all-beef burgers to Asian food to Mexican plates to authentic Indian preparations to purely Caribbean, from casual beach fare to inimitable fine dining.

Culture & Celebrations

The Heritage Tourism Programme was established to perpetuate adventures that showcase the natural and cultural aspects of the island. This is a collection that reflects genuine Saint Lucian experiences where you can observe cultural traditions such as cassava making and crayfish catching; delve into a nature park that also displays community living.